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Air distributor with a stabilizer S10(for firewood, briquettes)

Length (mm) 315
Width(mm) 20 x 50
Stabilizer diameter (mm) 350
Weight (kg) 2.3

The distributor with a stabilizer consists of the combustion chamber stabilizer (a plate) and the distributor. The combustion chamber stabilizer which is undivided in new boilers is mounted on the smallest part of telescopic air injection pipe. If there are three holes in the telescope, a stabilizer is fixed in the third hole. If there is only one hole, it is needed to drill one more hole at the distance of 55 mm from previous one.

When the stabilizer is fixed, the air distributor should be mounted and fixed. Burning coal the air distributor is fixed on the hole which is located in the middle in order to decrease the distance between the back of air injection pipe and the distributor up to 5-7 mm.
Made from stainless AISI 310, 1-mm-thick steel. For modification, we offer the combustion chamber stabilizer which consists of two parts.

We recommend to use the distributor of this model with the combustion chamber stabilizer when the firewood, briquettes are burnt.

Air distributor mounting: