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An inexpensive way to use solar energy

An arbor with a solar roof

Each owner of the homestead would like to use solar energy not only for drying laundry but also heating the water and cooking. However, prices of solar panels disappoint. Therefore, the sun can only dry the firewood, herbs or laundry. Sometimes you can find craftsmen who try to produce solar collectors with their own hands but they use heavy and expensive metal and glass. I had the privilege to talk with a scientist and an inventor Edvardas Satkevičius, who gave us his book “Labgeba”, which describes the theory, which little advertised.
Thus until now, most scientists and representatives of media representatives do not differentiate between science and labgeba. Science is researches and methods for the research whereas labgeba is inventions and methods for the invention. Labgeba engaged in inventing new better solutions for home, politics, business and technology. New better inventions in the area of techniques and technologies are often patented.
We have used a method of the collective brain storming which had been described in the book and received various, sometimes strange, sometimes logical solutions from the all employees of the company. Then we have made a pause of a month in order to have much time to analyze every, even the most stupid idea. A month later, after having examined the proposals, we decided to make such a model here. We did it but this model has been stored in the stock for three years because many of us did not believe in success. Therefore, it was not enough of the initiative to go forward.
However, one day an entrepreneur Jose from France visited our company and was looking for a way to dry cocoa beans using solar energy in Africa. In general, the whole day in Africa is quite enough ho but at night the temperature decreases up to 20 ° C and the beans needed to be brought to the rooms in order to avoid moisture. Jose said that he made an experimental dryer which used hot air from the attic but he did not boast of its success. Our collected proposals have been such a proposal, but it refused because this was used in our model too. it is to pull air through a duct polycarbonate channel. The total area of the diameter of these channels should match the diameter of the duct in order that the whole surface, which is heated by the sun, would give off equally the sun warmth for the air.
Well, upon Jose’s request, we had to pull out the devise into the light of day. Immediately when it was installed, the shelter showed a phenomenal result – 6 sq. m worked over 1,200 kW. This is because the water was cold only from a well but when the water warms up, the output level decreases. Below you can find the results of the second day, when the temperature of the water in the boiler was 25 ° C in the morning.

Operation start 09 val. Bi-thermal indicator data 903,2 kWh Instant power 0,350kW
10v10min. – 903,7 kWh – 0,570 kW
11v20min – 904,3 kWh – 0,624 kW
12v10min – 905,0 kWh – 0,611kW
13v20min – 905,6 kWh – 0,560kW
14v15min – 906,2 kWh
16v50min – 906,4 kWh.


Thus, 6 sq. m produces 3,2 kWh energy and 80 liters boiler is heated up from 25ºC up to 53ºC.

It looks that such a shelter would be useful for us too. However, why is it only a 6 m² attic instead of a 60 m² roof? There are several reasons for that. Firstly, when it provides from time to time 60 kWh per day, it heats the soil which was cooled by the heat pump. Secondly, there will be more energy in it during the season of winter because the solar energy heats a little bit only a meter thick soil layer during the whole summer. Finally, it can warm up an outdoor pool up to the temperature of a hot tub temperature and the photovoltaic cells which are lied down on such a cooled roof will produce electricity more efficiently.
Expensive solar collectors for such projects can hardly pay off. Meanwhile, this way is simpler: you need only the car heater, a little pipe, this and that. Then you have to use the roof cover properly and it is done.
This inexpensive device can give you more energy from 1sq.m compared with new expensive devices which use cosmic technologies, but it is produced relatively cheaply produced by skilled workers. No big deal, if the area of solar cells will need to be increased one and a half times compared with expensive cells which are offered to buy.