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Bath stove


359,00 EUR

We present you a new classic design stove which is perfect for both traditional and modern bath!

  • Rugged and durable, made from high quality 6mm thick steel.
  • A unique air supply, which ensures a very quick warm-up of the bath and the temperature is maintained at a minimal firewood input.
  • Ensures a steady warmth and a large amount of steam.
  • The innovative design of the combustion chamber allows burning the firewood more efficiently and with less pollution.
  • It is possible to connect a water heating tank. The water heating tank is made of stainless steel and is long-lasting..

Technical specifications

Bath capacity m3 (from – up to) 8 – 24*
Thermal power kW (from – up to) 10-24*
Stove width mm 480*
Stove depth mm 675*
Stove height mm 1200*
The needed amount of stones kg 120*
Outside chimney diameter mm 155*
Water heater weight kg 15*
Weight (without stones and water heater) kg 90*

* we can produce products according your individual needs, i.e. according your dimensions, the needed power and configuration; doors can be with glass too


Minimum safety distances to flammable constructions:

  • from the side – 500 mm,
  • from the back – 500 mm,
  • from the top – 1200 mm,
  • from the front to the doors of the combustion chamber door – 1000 mm.