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Biomass boiler – STROPUVA “BIO”

bio-naujiena_1According to the increasing need of heating not only with firewood but also with sawdust briquettes, pellets, wood chips, after carrying out long experiments in a laboratory, our new product – a biomass fuel boiler STROPUVA BIO – was born. This new generation boiler will ensure you a comfortable heating.


The alternative. If you do not have dry firewood, you can use another biofuel, e.g. sawdust briquettes, pellets, wood chips.

Convenience. Do not have space or time to split, dry or store firewood? The boiler is adapted to burn other bio-fuel, which does not take up much space and it does not need to be prepared in advance.

Comfort. Do you want to go out with the family for a weekend vacation or to visit relatives, friends? This boiler will ensure that the house will be warm even when you return.

Cost-effectiveness. You do not need to invest in a very expensive boiler with a long burning time. The boiler will operate on a single load of pellets up to 4 days. This is probably the cheapest boiler on market, which operates on a single load of pellets up to 4 days.

Reliability. The boiler does not contain elaborate electronics, automation and complex machines, which can disrupt the process of the boiler.

Efficiency. A unique air distributor of the boiler with an air stabilizer ensures a smooth and efficient biofuel combustion and produces a maximum amount of the heating energy.

Organic. Ashes can be used as fertilizer to enrich the soil with microelements.

Long lasting.  It lasts up to 15 years.

Compact. It takes little space in a boiler room.

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