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Chimney draught regulator

Reguliatorius 1

Chimney tee connector 200 × 150 + Draught regulator. You can buy them separately.

A draught regulator DARCO reduces a high draught in the chimney, which arises from wind gusts or a tall chimney.

Possible installation methods are the following:

  • on a smoke channel which connects the boiler to the chimney;
  • over the smoke channel on the chimney;
  • under the smoke channel on the chimney.

A draught regulator damper is balanced in such a way that when the draught is too high in the chimney, the damper opens and the air enters the chimney. Therefore the draught is reduced due to the exhaust gas cooling.

Selected draught in the draught regulator is modified by pulling the knob and changing the balance of the damper. There is a marked gradation for the draught setting on the knob. It reduces automatically the chimney draught up to selected values (from 10 Pa up to 35 Pa) and has the closed door latch.

Made of stainless steel.

Connection diameter is 150 mm.