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Electronic controller (S20)

valdiklis elektroninis_3

440,00 EUR

Controller system consists of:
o  1 – air injection channel,
o 2 – air damper,
o  3 – holder,
o  4 – air damper actuator,
o  5 – fan,
o  6 – controller

Controller has the following items:
o  start and stop button which turns on / off the controller;
o  pause switcher which sets the time period when the boiler will not be working (from 10 minutes up to 5 hours)
o  programs switcher which applies a management program for a specific kind of fuel;
o  fan control which turns on / off the fan;
o  circulator pump control which turns on / off the pump;
o  air valve actuator control which adjusts air damper angle from 0 up to 90;
o  the room thermostat system which sends a signal to perform a pause;
o  temperature sensor which measures water temperature in the boiler;
o  battery which closes air damper when power fails.

The principle of operation
The boiler combustion process is managed by the controller. When rooms warm up, the boiler is stopped for the selected time (from 10 minutes up to 5 hours). After a pause, the boiler fires up and continues operating.