From now on it is simple to make and maintain pleasant warmth at home. Heating boilers – is an efficient solution, designed to heat the water circulating in the system and provide heating to the house. Heating can be extracted from a variety of energy, fuel sources. Coal, briquettes, firewood and other material, depending on the type of boiler you choose, is used.

Heating system’s flaws emerge during winter times. So, if you are not content with your current heating choice or you decide to build a new house, most likely you are looking for heating options. There’s a wide variety of choices, naturally making it sometimes complicated on where to start. Contemporary heating boilers are offered in variety of types, brands, models making it hard to choose an optimal option.

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How to choose a boiler?


The choice of a boiler is one of the most important things concerning overall house heating system, ensuring comfortable living conditions. JSC „Stropuva ir ko“ offers universal, firewood, pellet solid fuel boilers with electronic controller. Each one of them has certain advantages when it comes to facilitating home heating processes.


  • Universal


Universal solid fuel boilers can be heated not only with firewood and pellets, but also with coal. Choosing to burn with coal – burning time can reach to up to 7 days. Do you want the fuel in the boiler to burn as long as possible, lower the amount of fuel used to produce as much heat energy as possible? This aspect is considered to be one of the most important in the Lithuanian STROPUVA boilers.


  • Firewood


With these solid fuel boilers the heat is produced by burning firewood, wood waste, sawdust briquettes and wood chips. Introduction of new technology allows using these boilers effectively. They provide fine heating for large areas, with one load, depending on fuel quality, outdoor and indoor temperatures, building thermal resistance, can burn up to 30 hours using firewood or 2-4 days using briquettes. A wide assortment of modern heating boilers allows each user to choose the most optimal solution for their needs.


  • Pellet


UAB „Stropuva ir ko“ offers pellet boilers with self-filling system which uses 6-8 mm wooden pellets. This type of boiler construction is both practical and simple – without screws and gears making it easy to use. They are perfect for heating homes, smaller shops, workshops.


  • With electronic controller


New generation boilers with electronic controlling systems are especially simple and easy to use. Different type of fuel is used: firewood, wood waste, sawdust, straws, peat briquettes, coal, pellets. These types of boilers, depending on used fuel, have different control programs and boiler heating process is completely automated. For example, if the rooms are sufficiently heated, boiler switches off for the scheduled time (between 10 minutes and 5 hours). When temperature falls to a set level – boiler turns on automatically.


JSC „Stropuva ir ko“ produces boilers, which achieves high cost-effectiveness with its slowly burning fuel. Also, the advantages of our boilers are safety and economical operation, uninterrupted combustion process, for which various fuels are suitable: firewood, sawdust briquettes, pellets, coal.