Vertical mangal grill – NIAMDAR


100,00 EUR

I is a new type of a mandal grill, where cooking takes place near the coals or flames. At the same time you can grill shashliks, cook a side dish, soup or bake pancakes. This is the dream of every housewife.
It is easy to use. You just need to stick a leg into a stump or into the ground. Then twist the main body on it and it is ready. Now you can load small dry pieces of hardwood from the top, fire up from the top or from the bottom and have a nice cooking.
It is not designed only for picnic but also can be used for in a yard, garden or in other your favourite nature spots. NIAMDAR is very compact and convenient to carry.

Easy to use;
No need to wait for flames – meat bakes near the fire.
Fat does not burn because it drips onto steaks below and enriches them.
At the same time you will grill shashliks and cook a side dish. It takes only 25 minutes.
You will cook a side dish, soup, tea, pancakes, etc.
You need not to have high quality firewood; twigs and cones will be enough.

Dimensions: *

Width (cm) 34
Depth (cm) 18
Height with leg (cm) 110
Height without leg (cm) 41
Weight (kg) 10,5

*we can produce products according your individual needs. Moreover, we can curve a logo or an inscription according your wishes.