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How can rooms and objects in them be used for the heat accumulation?

We offer to you to look into our product. For 14 years we have been producing domestic solid fuel boilers, where a load is fired up from the top and burns consistently down, similarly as the candle. Why this one? Because you do not need to bend in order to fire up the boiler? It is certainly an advantage but you will still have to get down to the lower door once every month in order to clean ashes. This is perhaps due to the fact that fuel burns longer? Partially because of that but the main reason why consumers are satisfied with our product, is lower fuel consumption because it was observed when not only the candle but also a burning match head is hold up, it burns much longer. Thus, in order to fire up the same amount of candles, fewer matches are needed, i.e. it is economical.
Our boiler operates similarly because flammable gas is generated not from the whole load but only from the small upper part depending on the energy needs and on the amount of the air injection.
(Such a coherent and cost-effective wood combustion can not be achieved when the firewood is fired up as in a camp fire. Then although the air injection is limited, heat rises up and uncontrollably generates a lot of gas which can not be burnt because of the lack of air. True, when a lot of air is injected, the firewood burns economically but intensively. However, in order to preserve this advantage, complicated and expensive boiler wrapping nodes as well as accumulators to store the excess heat are necessary.

It is observed that when the spring is coming, sometimes during sunny days or thaws power needs are very low, our boiler is working particularly on low mode and the firewood used less economically. Thermal storage device usage failed because heat supply time from boiler room did not become longer. However, we received a surprisingly good result when we decided to use the rooms and their objects such as furniture, flooring, and so on instead of collectors. How? Very simple, it is just needed to stop the boiler until rooms and objects in them cool at any one degree and take the heat for the boiler until operates on a useful mode. Therefore, in the spring, when days are sunny the boiler goes to sleep for the whole day and turns up only in the evening in order to reduce the amount of firewood. Sometimes it saves as much firewood as it would be enough for the whole day or even longer.

Therefore, we have developed an electronic controller for our boiler. This controller operates only on the economical mode and when the house warms up, the air damper is closed and the boiler is not working. After certain pause (from 1 hours to 6 hours) as far as rooms cool down, the boiler is switched on again and continues working on economical mode until rooms accumulate the heat.
When indoor temperature fluctuates by one degree, rooms and objects in them are become more like heat accumulators and help to save fuel.
The controller can work with a programmable room temperature controller, which switches, when the temperature changes by one degree, and allows you to set the day, night, weekends and other modes.
Due to the fact that in our boiler, only the top layer of firewood burns from the top to the bottom, when the air damper is closed, the firewood goes out without loss anyway.
Respecting user’s time, we have developed the controller in such a way that you will not need to serve it because it will serve you and you have just to press a single startup button and to select the period of the pause when the boiler is asleep and later it will turn on.
The first one hundred customers, who will purchase the controller, will get a discount, i.e. the controller will sold and installed at prime cost.