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Pellet Boilers STROPUVA P

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You do not need to buy a new boiler because it is enough just to modernize the old boiler STROPUVA.

STROPUVA P is a standard solid fuel boiler STROPUVA supplied with a fuel pellet feeder and a hopper. It remains an option to burn firewood, briquettes or coals.

This is perhaps the cheapest pellet boilers which need almost any maintenance and have the alternative to burn almost any kind of solid fuels and ensure long burning time!!!

Recommended moisture ≤30%*


  • there is no need to move the boiler and to re-attach to the chimney or heating system;
  • usually you do not need to change even the heating system;
  • this solution makes it possible to fully automate the process of heating, i.e. automatic fuel ignition, operating parameters selection, precise temperature control, remote management, …);
  • you have a comfortable alternative – pellets. The fuel does not need to be prepared in advance. Ashes should be cleaned up only once every 2 weeks. Burners incinerate pellets completely. The Efficiency reaches up to 99%;
  • the boiler has a large area of heat removal, a heat exchanger and an efficient construction, which ensures a maximum heat transfer.

Pellet combustion time depends on:

  • a hopper capacity
  • pellet properties (moisture, calorific value)
  • the air temperature
  • heating needs of the house.

The product guide can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

pdfDownload Instruction (Anglų kalba)