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Pellet Burner BurnPell X Mini 35 (35 kW)


1600,00 EUR
1440 EUR

A pellet burner BurnPell X Mini 35 is an economical, easily maintained, comfortable and modern residential, public and commercial room’s pellet heating system. Practically, the pellet burner is mounted to any solid, liquid or gaseous fuel boiler with the power up to 25 – 35 kW. The power of pellet burner is 8-35 kW.

The standard pellet burner set without a boiler includes:

  • a pellet burner BurnPell X Mini 35;
  • a polyurethane tube, which connects a conveyor with the burner;
  • a spiral pellet conveyor;
  • an external digital control.

Pellet container is not included into the set and is ordered separately. Any container, which can obtain pellets and place them on the burner, can be used as the pellet container

Thus the pellet burner set consists of a fuel supply system that solves all problems: you need only it is only to load pellets into the container on time and select the desired temperature.

When pellets are burnt, you need not to be afraid of a power failure because due the burner itself resumes the operation and need not to re-establish it. All settings are seen in real time on the control display. Upon request, it can be installed an extra outdoor temperature sensor in order to respond to the outdoor temperature changes.

The burner uses biomass pellets – environmentally-friendly alternative fuel – as a fuel. Therefore, the heating is more economical compared to the heating with liquid or gaseous fuels. And compared with solid fuel heating both ways are similar because of high efficiency and automatic control. Heating with pellets is much more convenient way of heating as compared to solid fuels.


  • the burner is protected from the fire because it has a fire protection installed;
  • a patented high-pressure combustion technology is a reliable protection from rear-burning;
  • a temperature sensor, which terminates the fuel injection during a reverse combustion, is installed;
  • a polyurethane tube, which melts and the fire can not be transmitted to the conveyor and to the pellet container, if sometimes the firing protection from the reverse combustion does not start.

Burner characteristics:

  • a patented high-pressure combustion technology;
  • a patented fuel blending system in the combustion chamber, which significantly extends the operating lifetime without maintenance (cleaning);
  • made of high quality materials using the latest technologies;
  • an automatic operation: inflammation, cleaning, fire (flame) control;
  • a steady (electronic) power adjustment;
  • low CO and CO2 emissions;
  • a low thermal inertia;
  • a burner temperature control;
  • an automatic restart after power interruption because parameter settings are kept in the memory;
  • a high combustion efficiency (up to 99%);
  • a burner combustion chamber is made of the highest quality steel which is resistant to fire;
  • a possibility to control the combustion process using a lambda probe (extra option);
  • a flame detector determines accurately a flame level;
  • a removable combustion chamber;
  • a low power consumption;
  • suitable for heating boilers, liquid, solid fuel and gas ovens, bakery ovens.

Heating your home with pellets you protect the environment, save money and live comfortably.

Power (kW) 8 – 35
Voltage (V) 230
Frequency (Hz) 50
Current (A) 5
Average power consumption (W) 60
Electricity consumption in kW per day 2.0

Lambda probe Optional
Controller R.Control/X.Control
Recommended fuel Pellets Ø 6 – 8 mm
Feeder length(m) 2
Feeder weight (kg) 11
Burner weight (kg) 15
Mounting hole diameter (mm) 150×150
Outlet pipe diameter (mm) 144×144
Recommended chimney draft (Pa) 20
Patented fuel blender Yes
Noise level (dB) 62
Efficiency Up to 99 %
Efficiency in the furnace Up to 96 %