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Room heating stove


350,00 EUR

This stove uses the same air injection method as our water heating boilers. The stove can contain 15 – 20 kg of the firewood which can heat a 50 – 20 sq. m room or greenhouse for 6 – 20 hours when an automatic draught regulator is properly set on the combustion mode.
In a living room, a stove is connected to a chimney with 13cm diameter steel pipes. In a greenhouse, the stove can be connected with a corrugated aluminium pipe of the same diameter which resists 250Cº. The corrugated pipe is attached with connectors to the part of the greenhouse roof ridge where the glass was removed and a tin was installed. Then the corrugated pipe is vertically stretched down to the stove.
Before loading the firewood the air distributor should be lifted using the cord on the right side of the stove. When the firewood is loaded, it is fired up though the upper loading door. When the firewood flames up the door is be closed and the air distributor is let down from the hook.
During the first firing, the heat of the stove and the warmth of rooms are observed (they need not be heated up to above 150Cº) and the position of the draught regulator, which it is unnecessary to be changed during next firings, is adjusted. When the stove begins to warm up, it expands and a stick remains cooler. Therefore a damper closes in order to prevent overheating of the stove and when the stove cools, it shrinks and opens the air damper.

Technical specifications

Solid fuel: firewood, timber waste. Recommended moisture – ≤30%

Power (kw) 7
Heating area ( m²) 20-80
Fuel capacity (dm³) 90
Maximum amount of the firewood (kg) 15
Firewood burning time hours Min mode 28
(according laboratory examinations) Max mode 5.6
Firewood length up to 35
Efficiency (%) 86.3
Installed pressure safety valve (bar) 1.5
Chimney draught (Pa) 10÷20
Minimal area of the chimney aperture (cm²) 150
Chimney diameter (mm) 160
Distance between the boiler bottom and the chimney (mm) 991
Height h (mm) 1330
Depth d (mm) 450
Weight (kg) 100