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Stropuva S12-12kw BIO

Stropuva S20U ilgo degimo katilas Ilgo degimo katilas Stropuva tai pirmas lietuviškas katilas, kuris dega žvakės principu. Stropuva katilai davė pradžią žvakės tipo katilams. Ilgo degimo katilai yra ypatingi savo veikimo principu ir degimo laiku. Malkomis gali degti iki 30 valandų, briketais iki 4 parų, o anglimis net iki 7 parų. Visi įmonėje pagaminti ilgo degimo katilai yra saugus ir įvertinti CE sertifikatais. Katilai yra apdovanoti lietuvos pramonininkų konfederacijos kaip metų gaminys. Ilgo degimo katilai yra labai populiarus Rusijoje, Ukrainoje, baltarusijoje, baltijos šalyse. Ilgo degimo katilai Stropuva gaminami keturių galingumų 7kw; 10kw; 20kw; 40kw. Ir gali apšildyti plotą iki 400 kvadratinių metrų.

When the firewood is loaded, a single load burns up to about 30 hours.

A single load of sawdust briquettes burns up to 4 hours.

A single load of pellets burns up to 96 hours.

Solid fuel: firewood, timber waste, sawdust briquettes, pellets and wood chips

Combustion duration of solid fuel load depends on its quality of fuel, outdoor and indoor temperature, thermal resistance, and other factors.

Recommended moisture ≤30%*



  • 1. air damper
  • 2. bi-thermal draught regulator
  • 3. supporting stick
  • 4. air heating chamber
  • 5. smoke extraction flue
  • 6. Switch damper (U – in universal boilers)
  • 7. Telescopic air injection pipe
  • 8. solid fuel loading doors
  • 9. air distributor with a combustion chamber stabilizer
  • 10. solid fuel
  • 11. ash removal doors
  • 12. lifting rope with a ring
  • 13. hook
  • 14. Flow pipe
  • 15. return pipe
  • 16. thermometer tip
  • 17. thermometer tip
  • 18. Bottom
  • 19. grate (U – in universal and biomass boilers)

Technical specifications

Model S12 BIO
Power (kW)* 12
Heating area(m2)** 70-120
Fuel capacity (kg) 168
Maximum amount of firewood (kg) 40
Maximum amount of wood pellets (kg) 105
Maximum amount of briquettes (kg) 48
Maximum amount of coals(kg) -
Wood burning time on minimum mode (hours) 31.5
(according laboratory tests) on maximum mode *** 6.1
Wood pellets burning time on minimum mode (hours) 72
(according laboratory tests) on maximum mode *** 72
Briquettes burning time on minimum mode(hours) 96
(according laboratory tests) on maximum mode *** 24
Coal burning time on minimum mode (hours) -
(according laboratory tests) on maximum mode *** -
Length of firewood up to 45
Amount of water in the boiler 32
Efficiency (%) 86.3
Maximum water pressure in the boiler (bar) 2
Pressure safety valve (bar) 1.5
Chimney draught 10÷20
Flow of heated water 300
Water temperature in the boiler (°C) 85
Minimal area of chimney flue (cm²) 250
Chimney diameter (mm) 180
Distance between boiler bottom and chimney (mm) 1350
Height (mm) 1700
Diameter (mm) 560
Weight (kg) 187

Solid fuel: firewood, timber waste, sawdust briquettes and pellets. Recommended moisture ≤30%*

* Power depends not only on the quality of fuel but also on time: at the beginning of the combustion power in excess of specified boiler emits hotter than 300 ° C smoke, and the rest of the resin begin to burn and cleans themselves, it heats up and the chimney draught increases (in other boilers, a direct channel to the chimney is opened). Burning the fuel power of boiler decreases because the area of heat deprivation increases and chimney draught decreases, but when the house warms up, the power is sufficient, thus an air damper closes a little bit in order to reduce the power of the boiler.

** The boiler output is chosen according to a heated area. E. g, solid fuel is burning the whole day (20-24 hours) in the solid fuel boiler Stropuva S20 in the 200 m² building whereas the firewood is burning almost 2 days (35-40 hours) in the solid fuel boiler Stropuva S40 in the house of the same area. A solid fuel boiler Stropuva S10 also can be used but the building will warms up slowly and the boiler would have to be loaded 2-3 times a day.

*** Combustion duration depends on the quality of fuel, outdoor and indoor temperature, thermal resistance, the power of boiler, and the way recommendations of user guide are complied (boiler installation, heated water stream, water temperature maintenance)

The product guide can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

pdfDownload Instruction (Anglų kalba)