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Universal outdoor kitchen-smoker with a roof

rukykla su stogu ir matmen. sumaz.rez-500x500

780,00 EUR

The main parts:
o 1 – a smoker;
o 2 – a cast-iron cooker;
o 3 – a mobile drawer.

You can smoke products in different ways in a smoking chamber if you set the needed temperature. Smoke flow divider which is at the bottom of the camera protects a smoked product from the interaction with the direct and concentrated smoke emission and distribute it evenly over the whole area of the smoker. Use a dry solid fuel for smoking because when it burns, more preservative CO2 are emitted. Therefore, the smoked product gets a special flavour and remains fresh for longer. Load the drawer with the firewood or chips only half and fire up near the middle of the drawer. When the firewood flames up, slide the drawer but leave 1-2 cm space. When the first load burns, push the incurred embers to the back of the drawer. Then load a new solid fuel into the empty space in order that a part of the fuel could contact with the embers. Repeat the procedure until your products are smoked.

Products can be smoked in two ways:

o Placing them on the grate (you will smoke products at a selected height);
o Hanging on the hanger at the top of the camera (a mobile hanger can be easily twisted).
When you smoke products, you can easily set and keep the selected temperature. You will set it by twisting the air damper regulator at the top of the smoker. Temperature depends directly on the distance between the air damper and the chimney of the device, i.e. the temperature is higher when this distance is higher and vice versa.
A cast-iron stove heats up quickly. You will easy apply pots or pans of various sizes by adjusting the size of the aperture. You will be able to cook and bake at the same time.
The combustion process takes place in the mobile chamber. Before smoking, the firewood should be loaded up to the middle of the drawer. Meanwhile before cooking or baking, a drawer should be fully loaded. You can remove ashes by pulling out the drawer.

Length 160 cm
Width 57 cm
Height 246 cm
Weight 150 kg

*we can produce products according your individual needs.