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Wax melter

Vasko lydituvė

250,00 EUR

During the process of creating this wax melter we have been consulted by beekeepers. Then prototypical models were transported to the workshop of apiaries and were tested. Following beekeepers’ comments and wishes we modified the model and got a little bit unusual non-stereotypical but comfortable and efficient machine. We noticed that there are as many opinions about the wax melting ant the construction of the wax melter as beekeepers. We realized that not all constructions are successful but even today various projects wax melters, which we have tried and rejected, are offered. This machine attracts everyone but in different ways. Therefore some beekeepers think that the melter is antipathetic or is strange because it has an abnormal appearance whereas others, who saw the way it operates, have already enjoyed and admired it. During the last tests of these models they have been bought out.
What kind of valuable suggestions by beekeepers are installed in this melter?
1) The wax is melted directly from the frames. Therefore, there is no need to cut combs and clean frames.
2) All beekeepers are skilful wood craftsmen and the suggestion that when combs are melted, they would be not in a metal container but in a box with a lid, which is made by the beekeeper, significantly reduced the price of the product and improved melting speed and quality because a wooden box releases less heat than metal.
3) a proposal to use a stainless steel only in areas where the wax is in a direct contact with the surface and to use the black steel oh higher thermal conductivity in a steam generator, did not only cheapen the melter but also improve the efficiency and melting rate.
Well, what a novel have we implemented?
1) Effective combustion chamber-drawer – air falls into the combustion chamber falls from the top and firstly interacts with the upper firewood which is close to the water. Thus the firewood burns qualitively and with the intense heat in a low (only 20cm tall) combustion chamber. Between the drawer and the body is formed. Therefore less heat goes out through the body into the environment and more wax leaves.
2) Knowing that the melter is used only once a year, we have made a stove chimney from a simple duct. It will serve more than a dozen years and you just need keep it dry after melting.
3) The product is partly cylindrical. Therefore it was enough of a thinner sheet and the melter became lighter.